Hiya im making a group thts for girls only o-o... Its optional and people can join it.

Also about Artemis she is the godess of the moon and hunt. She can control huntig animals. and hunts with a bow. Her followers swear to never marry, Have a boyfriend ect ( o-o .. I like Artemis dont judgge meehh ). But you can leave the group at any time

The group is like i said Optional and for fun or for people who just dont feel like comfy setting down or something ( I dont know XD )    

And its also from a camp half blood quiz.. SO ignore that...... Immortality thingy Idk  will decide latter o_o

NOTE: You can still have a mate ect and love life thingy o-o But its just a group and dosent matter.

Ps: Theres no ranks                          

Plz know its from a quiz I took o_o


Faith Lost Soul ( Faith l FaithSoul.. Faith Lost Soul is my full name xD )

zRavenz ( I think I will ask her again  just to make sure )

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