Welcome to the News and History Page! Here you can find more news and history happening in our rebellion! When writing a news article, please write long ones with a photo (optional). Write the date, or put unknown. Put the name of the news article in heading three and bold text.

News and History Article Made 4/17/14Edit

The 2nd news page has been made, and you can see history, too. Why is there another news page? Well, this is one that all Silent Shadow members can edit and this one also has history. If this page gets hacked, I will recover it.

Those who want to hack this page, I will recover this and post a message on your wall so Legend can see. You will be asked who you were on Free Realms.

April 18, 2014Edit

Betta owes me half of a cup of root beer inrl since I shared mah soda with her o_o. I <3 Shasta Root Beer

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