On March 31 of 2014. The current games of SOE and our old beloved home called FreeRealms has ended. We all thought hope was losted but, thankfully we have found a new game and a new home called FeralHeart   (FeralRealms). Now that the NAU and the SSU/R are no longer enemies, we can all start over and have a fresh new life. The Silent Shadows have done an outstanding, amazing, extra xD effort. I am giving everyone a reward! I am updating new pages and fun activities to the SSU/R wiki. Not only that but I am making everyone DELTAS! Congrats everyone! Our new lives and journey contiues.... 

New Journey begins!!Edit

Feel free to put our new life and game on here. Share Ideas, stories, jokes and more! ~ Legend MoonStar

The morning sun has risen. Legend sighed as the warm glow from it brushed against her pelt. She stood up and looked around. Padding up to one of the new portals and worlds of FeralRealms. As she stepped in to the Greenwood Forest, she saw FireStar, VineStar, Jay Dakota and Faith. Faith ran up to Moon and hugged her. She smiled and purred.

Faith's part of story:

Faith was looking on the parkour platforms thinking of what to do. Like race Raven and Betta to the highest point or to the camp. They just had hunted and someone entered the portal and into GreenWood Forest. She was Moon and hugged her as Moon smiled and purred.

Betta's Point of View of what ever shes doing xDD:

Betta's part of story:

Free Realms Ending TimeEdit

On Mystic Mayhem it  says Free Realms ends at 6:00pm Pacific Time