Goodby3 FreeRealms.... I will never forget the fun days I had with u. Goodby3 my friends, my clan, my family, my packs. My time is up... I will not you tomorrow on the last day. I hope that we can see each other on another game.  If not then I will be on FeralHeart and LandMark. Also I hate to say this but....The Union might come on FeralHeart. I am proud to have been your leader and friend on FreeRealms. My user on FeralHeart will be pony12. And as for other games my name will not change. It will be always Legend MoonStar. - Meows and Howls at the same time and then leaves - 

P.S. We will still always have Silent Shadows Unit now on FeralHeart and other games. But no longer on FreeRealms. If the shut down is a joke then nvm on this xD and still have SSU/R on FreeRealms.

~ Legend MoonStar