This is where we can put messages of things.. I will post mine on March 30 or 31st..Edit

Please put ur name so we know who's it is ~ Faith             

FreeRealms is gone. In 1st grade I cutted myself. No one knew since I kept it a secret from every one including Betta. FreeRealms is the reason why I wanted to live, I tried to commit suicide a lot: Tried drowing,starving,blood loss and more. Every day after school I got on since in the middle of summer about in June. I met friends Like : Legend, Raven, Shattred Alice, Moon, Dusk Fang, Katniss Pawz, and more. Inrl i dont have any friends since I dont talk a lot But I dont care. FreeRealms changed My life. I been a member since 2010. During the first week I got membership: Lifetime.  Dont be afraid to do the Impossible. Belive in the possible. Shoot for the sky and try Even if you fall down, get up and keep trying ~ Faith
Goodbye free realms goodbye life.03:58

Goodbye free realms goodbye life..

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